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The Beehive is a media property of the One Economy Corporation. One Economy Corporation is committed to protecting your privacy. To enhance your experience on the Beehive and to gather some information about the kind of people using the Beehive, we occasionally ask for information about you. Below, you will find descriptions of the instances when the Beehive requires information from you, and how this will benefit you.

What information do we collect?

Beehive Registration: To register yourself with the Beehive, we need to know: your name, city and state, and email address. We use this information to help identify you when you return to the Beehive. In exchange for this information, you have the ability to get local weather, news and more. When you register with the Beehive, a cookie will be placed on your machine, so that you are recognized when you return to the site. A cookie is just a name for a small file.

Career Coach: This tool in the jobs section collects basic information about you and your job history. This information is saved on the Beehive so that you can come back to it later. Only a computer that you have logged into will be able to access your resume information.

Money Tools: In the money section there are a few tools that ask you for financial information about you or your family, such as the budget builder tool. No information that you enter into these tools will be sold, so you can feel comfortable that we are not sharing any information about your personal finances.

Should you choose to sign up for an online bank account with any online financial institution, all information you provide to them is covered by their own separate privacy statement and you should be sure that you are comfortable with the terms of their statement of privacy before giving away any information about yourself.

CHIP Eligibility Tool: This tool asks for some basic information about your children and household income. This is necessary information for this tool to tell you if your children qualify for the Children's Health Insurance Program. None of this information is collected or stored in any way.

Other tools: No other tools on the Beehive that require information from you, store or collect that information, unless specified in this privacy statement.

Email alerts and notifications: You may have the opportunity to receive email alerts and notifications about new content on the Beehive and other important news and information. By opting-in to this service we will need to know your email address as well as some information about you related to the type of information you would like to receive. As with all information we collect from you, we will never sell or give away this information to anyone without your permission.

Emailing Content: You can email content you find on the Beehive to a friend or family member. To do this we need to know your name and email address and your friend's email address. None of this information is retained after the email has been sent.

Discussion Forums: In order to use any of the discussion forums on the Beehive, we request a name and email address. The email address is optional and you don't have to use your real name.

User Feedback: When you fill out one of our online feedback forms, you have the option to let us know who you are. We value your feedback because your suggestions and recommendations help us improve the site.

 Disclosure: One Economy Corporation will not give away or sell any information it collects on the Beehive. We do reserve the right to release information you have submitted when such release is required by law.

Our Use of Information

By providing information about yourself or your family on the Beehive, you are giving consent for One Economy Corporation to use this information internally. If our policy should change regarding the use of this information, it will be posted in this privacy statement.

Changes to your information
If at any time you need to makes changes to the information you have supplied for your Beehive registration you may click on the "My Beehive" link and select "Edit my information."
If you have any questions or feedback about this privacy statement, please send a message to
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